Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Welcome to our 2017 Heritage Fair Journey!

June 23rd,2017

This is the first day of our New Brunswick Provincial Heritage Fair Showcase! As everyone entered, the room filled with more excitement than before. We were all gathered in the Albert County Museum Community Hall, and it was stunning. All the projects were amazing. We had snacks, setup the projects, met the other delegates and got awesome t-shirts! After everyone had arrived and settled in, we started painting mosaic tiles. Each with their own individuality. The tiles would then be strategically placed so that we could make a giant mural with the other tiles that had already been painted. We got the privilege of seeing this unveiled on Sunday. You could tell that everyone was excited, yet nervous, with a touch of curiosity throughout the whole weekend. But, even with the mix of all those emotions, the main feeling was FUN!

June 24th, 2017

Today, we all met at Hopewell Rocks. We split into 2 groups, Nathan and Cheri with the Francophone group and Joe, Carrie and myself with the Anglophone group. We went down to see the rocks, and they were beautiful, we also got an amazing tour and information session from a tour guide, Nicole. We had a delicious lunch provided by the canteen workers there, of hot dogs and hamburgers, and a cookie! We returned to the Albert County Museum, where we walked around to different areas of the museum. The exhibition barn, the court house, etc. We learned about R.B Bennett and had an amazing time. After we watched a short play about First Nations and Acadians at the Court House, we then took a bus ride to The Steeve's House Museum and got an informative tour of the house, and wow, was it ever historical. All the antiques and clothes, it was fantastic. Then, we proceeded to The New Brunswick Railway Museum, in Hillsborough where we went through an old train, and looked at pictures and historical objects in a barn right next to the train. We returned to the Albert County Museum where we had a pizza party, and continued the fun with a scavenger hunt. We split into 4 teams, and did math related equations to solve the puzzle. Then we were done. Everyone was escorted with their parents, and I'm sure, they fell asleep at the motel very quickly.

June 25th, 2017

Our last day....We got to the Albert County Museum, the students prepared their projects for the viewing after our huge ceremony. Afterwards, we practiced O Canada for when we sang it at our huge ceremony, then we practiced for our huge ceremony, then we had our huge ceremony! Everyone had to get into a line from shortest to tallest with our Lt. Governor Jocelyn Roy Vienneau in the back. We all got in to the Court house and took our seats, and proceeded to sing O Canada. Then we heard a speech from her honour, and Albert MLA Brian Kierstead and she individually handed us our medals and took a picture with us. We headed back to the Community Hall where the unveiling of the New Brunswick Mosaic train car happened. It was astounding, everything that you could think represented N.B was there. Hopewell Rocks,  lighthouses etc. Everyone took a peak at the amazing projects and then... it was time to leave. We were all very sad that the weekend was over, but it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. We all loved it and hoped someday we will be able to come back.

I would also like to encourage you to go vote for Naiya Itsvanffy who is a nominee for the Young Citizens Award. She was a participant in our fair.
I'd like to thank Phil Alain and Lewis Lavoie for presenting us with an amazing opportunity to paint a tile on our NB mosaic train. Id also like to thank the staff of the Albert County Museum, and the Steeves House Museum, especially Melody Land, the curator of The Albert County Museum. also a special thank you to Cynthia Wallace-Casey, Joe Blades, Nathan Gavin, Cheryl Russell, and Carrie Noiles for the amazing organizing and chaperoning done this weekend!

-Katia Noiles, Embedded Student Reporter

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