Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 3, Final day; Metepenagiag

Wow! What a great way to end an amazing weekend! We started the morning off with a yummy breakfast. I had pancakes...they are my favorite. After breakfast we warmed up our singing voices by practising Oh Canada. While waiting for the Lt.-Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau to arrive we signed t-shirts and decorated the project displays. Then the moment we were all so excited about.....the awards ceremony! We were each awarded a medal by the Lt.-Gov. for our outstanding work on our Heritage projects. What an honor!!!

It was an awesome weekend. I had the chance to see old friends and make new ones. We learned interesting things at Metepenagiag Heritage Park and made memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to Cynthia, Melynda, Gisele, Joe and Nathan for making this weekend fun and memorable. Also thank you to everyone at the Metepenagiag Heritage Park for inviting us.

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