Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jennica Jean Reflects Back on the Provincial Showcase of 2013

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of three representatives of the Anglophone School District West. I went to Shippagan, where the wonderful adventure began. I had never ever been to this part of the province before but I soon discovered how beautiful it was.

The first night, we had a really nice meet and greet. We got to look at everyone’s projects and meet all the other representatives. By the next day we knew everyone and the activities began! We went to all sorts of attractions! This included activities varying from touching a blue lobster to making creations on the beach and even climbing to the top of a lighthouse. We got back stage passes to the aquarium and got to observe and even participate in the treatments of the animals there. We even got to feed the seals! We went to an island, got to look at wild jellyfish and eels, and we even had a pizza party! It was a jammed pack weekend! The activities were endless! And you might think that all these activities tired us out, but honestly we still had enough energy to have our own talent show later that night. We ate all our meals at a nice restaurant and we had tons of laughs!

The next day, we had individual video interviews about our project. They are actually all on Youtube. There was never a dull moment!

Our projects even were opened to the public and we got to present! To top off this amazing weekend, we were presented with medals by the Lieutenant-Governor.

Although you might think a weekend is a short time, we made incredible friendships and it was really hard to say goodbye.

To think that now I know people from all around our province is crazy! I was so fortunate to be chosen and I am extremely grateful for this experience.

So when the judges come around to see your project, give it your best effort because now, one of you will be lucky enough to enjoy this incredible experience too.

Thank you,
Jennica Jean
2013 Heritage Fair

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