Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remembering those at Camp Petersville Cemetary

Today we went to the cemetary in Petersville to lay Canadien flags on the graves of the deceased. After we were donw with the flags we took a look around at some of the tombstones and read them. Most of the stones were dated in the 1800's. I found a family of late children that barely even reached the age of 13. We took a group picture outside of the graveyard. I very much enjoyed my experience there.
Fletcher Ritcey

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  1. Petersville anisi que 18 autres villages disparurent pour laisser la place au camp des forces armées Canadiennes, nos étudiants ont visité et déposé un drapeau du pays à chaque pierre tombale.
    Bel exemple de civisme lors de notre visite à un ancien village et ses habitants à leurs dernier repos.