Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Queens County Court House

One of my favorite spots we visited in Gagetown was the Queen's County Court house. I thought it was very fascinating that all the furniture was preserved from the early 19th century, yet it was all in good condition. Also I thought the stuffed birds were very interesting.

Kate MacEwen


  1. Ce palais de justice contient des meubles d'origines ce qui est spécial . Les jeunes ont eu l'occasion de voir aussi une collection d'oiseaux assez unique en son genre.

  2. At the court house we learned many intereseting facts about the heritage of the area. The monotone colors inflicted a serious tone and was imitating. I stared down at you and tried to show this was not a nice place to be. We learned about the jury and the functions of the court house. It has made a long journey filled with history before it was a mueseum. For an example the fair kept live animails inside. Some animals remain! Of course they are not alive. The post mistress stuffed a collection of birds and after her death they were brought to the court house to be put on display. Being at the court house was an enjoyable experience and we hope we can visit again!
    Ben Chase & Malcolm Rehar